((Two friends and I are at my home, just doing stuff. Usual hanging out. Then we heard news from our radio that someone was coming, calling himself the King of Rage. I checked it out, I went out to the garage to get my handgun. 

Then came a skinny blonde guy came, asking to go in. I said he’d try the other lot if thy had supplies. He walked rather oddly, and I felt a bad aura with him. Then I locked up the doors and instructed my friends to lay down.

I heard a honk.

It wasn’t a boy. It was Gamzee Makara in disguise

HE (YES) tried to kill us, not with his clubs but with a gun. He looked different, like he was possessed and drained. He shot my friend on the leg, the other on the arm, and me on the shoulder. Then he came on crashing the house.

I tried to control him, saying that everything will be alright, but he went on. He told me that he was looking for something but he can’t explain it. He was all violent and kept on threatening us.

I woke up.))

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